EOL and refurbished equipment

We specialize in  new and refurbished computing, End of Life equipment

We know how to bring any EOL product that is no longer manufactured and sold in the world market, with our full warranty.


 We typically follow a classic intelligence cycle, comprising of:


  • Planning and Direction

  • Collection

  • Processing

  • Analysis and Production

  • Dissemination


Savings of tens of percent!

The advantage of using refurbished computing equipment is cost savings of tens of percent compared to new equipment.

Refurbished equipment is not necessarily old equipment, it can also be equipment in excellent condition that left the factory and was returned by customers.

This is usable equipment that can certainly be enjoyed for a respectable period of time and it is not a damaged product but a normal product.


We do not renew a defective product and do not sell it at all.


Among the refurbished products you can find items without packaging, an item that has undergone a small repair that does not reduce its usability, items that have only been physically damaged, etc.


EOL equipment.

Manufacturers who stop production of a certain product cause the companies that implemented the product in their systems a problem in the near/long term.

In most cases the equipment is still in stock at distributors and jobbers in the world and can be obtained.

We know how to reach any EOL equipment


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