Our goal is to offer a competitive price and fast delivery times, for every requirement, for every product!

  • Communication equipment - servers, processors, memories, disks, switches of all companies, motherboards, controllers, SSD, communication cards.
  • Original Gbics of all types, it is also possible to provide compatible ones with a lifetime warranty.
  • Components of the best companies.
  • End of Life products and products that are difficult to obtain.
  • OEM solutions for implementation within your systems.
  • Communication wiring, optical and voltage cables - jumpers, panels, optical adapters, braids, optical connectors, optical cassettes, drawers for optical wiring.
  • Complete equipment for server rooms, from the cable to complete server cabinets: UPS systems, managed and normal PDU socket strips (single and three-phase), cooling systems for server rooms.
  • KVM (including secure) - extenders, matrices, IP, removable drawers, of the company High Sec Labs \ Eaton \ Tripplite.
  • Audio and video systems - splitters, remotes, matrices
  • Environmental control systems - temperature/humidity monitoring, access control, cameras, smoke

Our solutions

We provide a wide variety of communication equipment, computer equipment, end of life products, refurbished equipment, OEM compatible equipment, equipment for server rooms, we specialize in all equipment, including buying communication and IT equipment that you wish to sell.

 We typically follow a classic intelligence cycle, comprising of:


  • Planning and Direction

  • Collection

  • Processing

  • Analysis and Production

  • Dissemination


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