• Control and monitoring system for server room - environmental control, temperature, humidity, access control, cameras, smoke, etc.
  • PDU socket strips - single-phase and three-phase, managed and unmanaged.
  • Communication cabinets - server cabinets, special order cabinets.
  • Console / Terminal Server
  • Accessories for cable management
  • UPS systems
  • Cooling systems for server room
  • Removable mouse keyboard screen + KVM - removable drawers
  • KVM systems, including Secure KVM
  • Optics solutions - optical adapters, optical cases, cables, jumpers, braids, optical connectors, optical cassettes, drawers for optical cables.


Services for setting up and transference server rooms, communication networks and website maintenance:

We accompany the client from the characterization of the project to practical implementation.


We provide advanced equipment for server rooms, a wide variety of control systems.

Representatives of EATON and TRIPPLITE in Israel:

Communication cabinets of all sizes, Console Server, PDU socket strips, control and monitoring systems, UPS systems, removable KVM trays, cables, etc.


Giyo IT is a main distributor of High Sec Labs - Secure KVM

 We typically follow a classic intelligence cycle, comprising of:


  • Planning and Direction

  • Collection

  • Processing

  • Analysis and Production

  • Dissemination


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